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Local and imported glass.

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Sand Blasting

What is sand blasting good for? Sand blasting is most often used on metal due to the strength of the media and air pressure. It is one of the most efficient preparation methods and the best one for rust removal. It cleans surfaces quickly, and because of the variety of media used in the process, its uses are just as versatile.


Glass Beveling

How do you bevel a mirror edge? Hold the mirror blank flat with one hand, and rub the stone at a 45 degree angle along the edge. Use the coarse side of the stone if you have a choice. Rotate the mirror as you work, keeping the work area and stone wet. You want approximately a 1/8-inch (3 mm) bevel at 45 al around the mirror.


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Taxation and Accounting

Handle accounting, bookkeeping, annual fillings through our in-house CPAs, and pay taxes.


Your business needs to shut down? Clemta is here for the dissolution of your company.

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